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    Lake Isabella Crappie September 2014

    Lake Isabella Crappie September 2014

    Beautiful crappie from Lake Isabella, shore fishing, secret recipe homemade dough bait.

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    Crappie Time, Bass Too!!

    Crappie are pretty good everywhere. Bass are also on the chew. The crappie on the red tailgate are from Isabella yesterday. thas was my first trip to Isabella this year for crappie in the evening after work, and I caught five in an hour or so before it got too windy and cold for me. The other two crappie are from River Walk. The bigger bass is from BV. The little bass is from River Walk. No pics of the cats, but they too are on fire at BV.  These are only a fraction of the fish I have caught over the last week or so, I don't take nearly enough pictures.  The spring time fishing is on.  Get out and get some.

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    Crappie have moved to the South Fork

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    The crappie bite is still on and crackin' at lake isabella.  I guess because of the low lake levels lately the crappie are not where I usually find them, near Camp 9 in the trees and weeds and around French Gulch marina.  I was a little worried that the crappie were all gone, I knew that I had caught a bunch, but I didn't think I had single handedly wiped them out.  Well it turned out that my instincts were good.  There are plenty of crappie left, and I found them out in the south fork near Paradise Cove and Kissack Bay. I am usually on a boat or at least a float tube, so I am not sure how

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    Crappie and Cats in near Camp 9 Lake Isabella

    I have been so impressed by the continued crappie bite at Lake Isabella that I have made a dozen trips up there over the last month. Limits most of the time and there are two to three of us on each trip.  Many 1 pound plus crappie. Jigs were the most productive, over minnows and other lures.  Catfish on night crawlers and Jumbo redworms.  Catfish have been very active, many smaller ones, but for every few small ones a nice 3-6 lber would show up.  I did some fishing at Buena Vista recently and caught probably 100 catfish.

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    Isabella Fishing is good

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    Friday and Saturday we caught lots of Crappie.  1 lb plus are showing up more regularily.  Caught a handful of Catfish on Night Crawlers.  My buddy even landed a 5.25 lb Bass at about 3:00 AM on sunday on a crawler while reeling in to check his bait, I guess he still had some on. I'll try to find some pictures.  Good Luck all.