Think you might Have the next Record Fish

Here's the official verification form you will need to fill out.

Record Fish Verification Form

State Inland Water Record fish Policy

* The fish must be legally taken under the provisions of a current, valid California sportfishing license.

* The fish must be examined by an employee of the California Department of Fish and Game.

* The facts regarding the capture must be recorded on a form FG 737 (California Inland Water Angling Record Verification). This form must be signed by a permanent Department of Fish and Game employee. (In signing this form the employee is conditionally certifying the authenticity of the record.)

* Following conditional certification, the new record application must be reviewed and approved by the California Department of Fish and Game Inland Fisheries Division. In the event of any dispute regarding the authenticity of any application for any reason, the determination of the Inland Fisheries Division shall be conclusive.

* Photographs of the fish are strongly recommended but not necessarily required. Nor do we require that the fish be killed as part of the authentication process. However, the employee signing the form FG 737 should inform the prospective new record holder that in the event of a dispute regarding species, size, or other information related to the legitimacy of the record, the fish may be required for ultimate resolution of the dispute. It is the responsibility of the angler to retain the fish in a condition for possible further examination until the new record has been officially acknowledged.