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    River Walk

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    Hey just wondering if anybody knows...is there fish in both lakes at Ricer Walk, or just in the west lake closest to the street?

  2. River Walk is HOT!

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    Of the 12 fish I landed this afternoon, these 4 didn't make it. The other 8 went back to their home in the lake. A couple of them were smaller, but most were decent size fish. Things really seemed to pick up around 4:30PM. By 5:00PM I could not keep both poles in the water at the same time. As soon as my line hit the water I had another fish.

    People were catching trout on worms, power bait and salmon eggs. I had the best luck with yellow Garlic Power Bait and orange Gulp Salmon Eggs.

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    Trout are a little nicer this time at River Walk

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    I got these this morning. This is four out of the fifteen or so I hooked into  this morning.  These are all much closer to the 2lb range, Pretty Nice!! And the kicker is that they are still out there.  I decided to let them go 'cause I had to get to work. 

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    River Walk is a trout frenzy

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    The trout plants have commenced.  They are out there and they are hungry.  They were stocked Wednesday afternoon and the initial bite has been outstanding!!

    Go get some!

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    Blue gill from River Walk - Typical in my right hand, Nice fattie in my left

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    Blue gill from River Walk - Typical in my right hand, Nice fattie in my left
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    Crappie Time, Bass Too!!

    Crappie are pretty good everywhere. Bass are also on the chew. The crappie on the red tailgate are from Isabella yesterday. thas was my first trip to Isabella this year for crappie in the evening after work, and I caught five in an hour or so before it got too windy and cold for me. The other two crappie are from River Walk. The bigger bass is from BV. The little bass is from River Walk. No pics of the cats, but they too are on fire at BV.  These are only a fraction of the fish I have caught over the last week or so, I don't take nearly enough pictures.  The spring time fishing is on.  Get out and get some.

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    River Walk Trout

    I got this one on the 16th of Feb.  Jig and a meal worm. Four pounds on the dot.  My best of the year, or better yet the season out here at River Walk.

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    River Walk 2-27-2010

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    Bakersfield River Walk Report 2-27-2010

    Despite the very good reports River Walk fishing was not on today.
    The trout were very close to the shore at times, Swirling almost at the shoreline.
    Granted the weather was bad from time to time there were points were the sky's were blue and during those times out of the 10-15 Fisherman only one person caught a single trout and three very small bass.

    There was speculation that the plant truck never came this week. Despite multiple sources saying there was a trout plant. A couple of the local River Walk fisherman said they had fished all week and didn't see any plant trucks.

    I don't know if they planted or not but from the lack of activities it sure seemed as though they didn't

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    River Walk stocked again

    I guess I was wrong in my previous post. I thought they were done stocking.  They, well someone, has stocked River Walk again.  There are lots of little trout, I guess it is still fun, but not what it was in December.  I have seen some decent size, over a pound, caught around me but they are few and far between.  The best bite I have seen is on Power Eggs pink and yellow swirled (I am sure they have a clever name for the color, I just dont know what it is) dipped in garlic oil.  I saw a guy at lunch time tearing it up on corn, garlic, and chartreuse power baits reelin in slowly.

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    River Walk Trout Fishing

    I believe that the DFG trout plants are over for the season.  There will probably be at least a couple of more plants for Fishing derbies at River Walk and Hart park, but other wise I think it is whatever is left you better go and get it.  Here are a couple of decent 2-2.5lbers I caught the week of the 4-8th of Jan, but trout action has been consistently slowing throughout January.  The blue gill have been back and action has been good on meal worms, but with the recent storms and the muddy water that action has slowed for now.  I'll post again when I find my next hot spot around the county