trout setups

I was wondering what a good setup is for trout? Like hook size, weight, etc.

Fishing tips.

I was wondering if anyone has any good beginner tips on catching trout?

Parking Truxton Lake

Yes it is nice to fish here but the parking stinks. You can park across the street but you taking your life into your hands trying to cross truxton with cars going 70 mph and your carrying all your gear. I have fished there early am and carrying just a pole ,bait and small amount of tackle Anybody have any ideals to fish here safely or parking options?

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where's the spot ?

Going to lake isabella sat. after noon anybody know where the hot spots are for some big cat. have not done so hot the last few times. would like to land a couple good size cats this time

Aqueduct for stripers

Tryin' to hit the 'duct every week after work. Has been slow but slammed 'em last week, 4 keepers on fishbites and anchovies.

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Ohh the weather outside was frightful

River walk was great for about an hour then we got pounded for another hour.

Wind, Rain, WindyRain


We still had fun though.



Brite Lake tomorrow

I havn't been there in a while,and last time I was there the water level was really low.Hope its in better shape.

Fishing Aqueduct

Hey guys...coming back from school for winter break and looking forward to fishing in Kern County again. I have always wanted to catch some stripers...where is the best spot to fish it? Do i travel south from the bridge by the highway? I have gone about 10 times without a bite...thanks!

new hook

Update I just put  50 lb spectra braided on the hooks and the braided line worked the best I thought. ant how just letting you all know . 


good fishing

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fly fishing

At early dawn when the air is crisp
And you're standing knee deep in a beautiful rip
You see a trout rise to an unknown fly
Then your heart starts to thump and you wonder why
You're a neophyte fly fisherman.
You can measure the cast and study the lie
Then lengthen the line to make your first try
As you check the rod to get a good presentation
You hold your breath in solemn anticipation
You must be a fly fisherman!
The fly floats gently on its way to the trout

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