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fishing pole

Bring Back The Kern River Through Bakersfield - Permanently!

What do we need to do as citizens of Bakersfiled to get this done?

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Love to fish

Hookin lips or snaggin sticks it's all a part of catchin fish. Tying knots, changing line although it feels like wasted time its worth every precious second, take it all in. Time spent fishing is time spent living. Thank god for fishing.

A few hours of sleep before fishing.

Gonna hit the aqueduct with my brothwer in law
around five.Gonna turn in,and get a few hours of sleep.

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Bells First Fishing Trip


Hart Park 6-27-09

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Upper Kern is Hurting

I havn't fished the upper Kern since February 2009. When I say upper kern, I mean from Riverside park in Kernville up to the Johnsondale bridge. DFG stopped stocking this stretch of the river in the fall of '08. Now I'm not sure if they started stocking again, but I've fished the River since 1964 and there has always been a harvest of rainbow trout. I have spoken to to the US Forestry District ranger and his feeling is the Department of Forestry would really like to keep stocking.

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Ohh the Joys

So my little girl has decided that she is ready to go fishing.
She's three

We have been talking about going fish almost every day now so I though it would be good to get her feet wet with an old rod and real I had.
I plan on getting her a little kids fishing pole so she can walk around with it but for now I have a broken Pole with a good spinning real that the pole broke off at 2 feet.
(Big fish broke it while trolling) ((Really!!))

So I give her the rod and reel and showed her how to get it spinning.

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I wanna go fishing ... so bad ... I'll even ________ :)

[ ] dig up worm(s) from the back yard
[ ] catch fly(s) with my bare hands
[ ] grow cricket(s) in the Living Room

... hahahahaha ...

And now a WORD from our sponsor, God:

... Meanwhile, did U know that ...

"fish" occurs 35 times in 31 verses in the Holy Bible ???

... & that they are Listed as the # 1 item in the menu of stuff that man gets to ( play with / have dominion over ) ...

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