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Tule river is hot

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I had the pleasure of fishing the Tule river near Wishon over the labor day weekend and couldnt have been more suprised how much it produced.  It seemed like every 3rd cast or so with a salmon egg i was pulling out a good sized planter,  biggest being around 3 lbs.  There was a small bridge on the way to coy flat that was off the hook!  If given the chance i would highly suggest takeing the car ride, its well worth it.  I just ask that u keep only what you need cause i dont know how often they plant at that location. 

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River Walk Trout

I got this one on the 16th of Feb.  Jig and a meal worm. Four pounds on the dot.  My best of the year, or better yet the season out here at River Walk.

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River Walk stocked again

I guess I was wrong in my previous post. I thought they were done stocking.  They, well someone, has stocked River Walk again.  There are lots of little trout, I guess it is still fun, but not what it was in December.  I have seen some decent size, over a pound, caught around me but they are few and far between.  The best bite I have seen is on Power Eggs pink and yellow swirled (I am sure they have a clever name for the color, I just dont know what it is) dipped in garlic oil.  I saw a guy at lunch time tearing it up on corn, garlic, and chartreuse power baits reelin in slowly.

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River Walk Trout Fishing

I believe that the DFG trout plants are over for the season.  There will probably be at least a couple of more plants for Fishing derbies at River Walk and Hart park, but other wise I think it is whatever is left you better go and get it.  Here are a couple of decent 2-2.5lbers I caught the week of the 4-8th of Jan, but trout action has been consistently slowing throughout January.  The blue gill have been back and action has been good on meal worms, but with the recent storms and the muddy water that action has slowed for now.  I'll post again when I find my next hot spot around the county

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Buena Vista Trout Derby

The Derby was kind of a drag.  I did catch one 1.5 lb trout, and considering what was going on around me I was quite proud of it.  I think I may have seen a total of about ten fish caught, and only heard about a dozen or so more while I was walking around.  I think the winner was a 4.7 lb for the 14 and older group.  I am not sure about the younger groups.  It was still fun to have the chance to get a big trout, but I am sure many people were quite disappointed with the slow fishing.  Hopefully a better experience at the Lake Isabella Derby in March. 

See you there!!


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They finally stocked River Walk Park again

They stocked on Wednesday afternoon about Three O'clock.  There are some pretty nice sized trout this time.  I'd say in the two pound range.  The bite was great this morning, mostly on lures. Power bait was okay, but lures seemed to be getting the bigger fish. I was told that the guy on the stocking truck also said that he stocked Lake Ming just before he came to River Walk.

I will try to follow up this afternoon or evening with some pics.  I had to get to work. Woo Hoo!

Good luck, Go get 'em!

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10-27-09 Trout Action

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TRUXTUN LAKE: Fair to good trout action after the season’s first plant by the DFG last week. Best action on floating baits.

RIVER WALK PARK: Good trout action after the season’s first DFG plant last week. The best bite has been on garlic Power Bait, with corn Power Bait and chunky cheese Gulp also decent bets. Green, garlic nightcrawlers have also been good.

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River Walk Spoils

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The lake is stocked and the fish are biting.  I believe they only stocked the front Pond at River Walk on Friday.  The fishing has been pretty consistently good since then.  There is action on power bait, lures, and jigs.  Power bait colors that seem to be best are of the chartreuse, rainbow and green, all with glitter.  I saw a couple of trout taken on night crawlers, but the action was a little slower. I heard that the action was similar out at hart park where they stocked the same day, but I haven't made it over there myself.


Go fish and good luck!!


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