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I have been fishing at Lake Isabella, Hart Park, River Walk Park, the Aquaduct, and the Kern river. Oh and I almost forgot Truxtun Lake.  I have caught multiple fish at every location for the last couple of weeks (5/30/09 - 6/10/09).  The Crappie at Lake isabella have been out of control.  Not too many huge ones, but I caught limits of 25 keepers on three trips last week. Red and white, and Chartreuse crappie jigs seemed to be the hottest, though they were biting almost everything.  Sorry for a lack of Pictures. The Cats were also hot at Lake Isabella, use local shad if you can, or chicken liver.  Landed five greater than 3 pound cats while fishing at Lake Isabella.  A hint: night fishing at Lake Isabella has proven to be very rewarding for all kinds of fish.  Also landed three good size trout at night, on crappie jigs, too crazy, all better than a pound, one probably 2.5 lbs.  If your from Bako and looking to fish closer to home the Bass and Bluegill bite is hot at Hart, Lake Ming, and River Walk parks. The bluegill are biting redworms, meal worms, and even corn and hot dogs.  They will steal your bait ten times for every one fish that you catch, but the odds are pretty good that you'll at least catch some fish.  Bass are biting  best on plastic worms and long plastic minnows, but also night crawlers are getting lots of hits.  Many of the bass are very small, but keep trying and you'll eventually land something greater than 3 lbs. Truxtun Lake action is similar for Bluegill and Bass, but is not as hot as the others. Big cats and big striper are being caught at the Aquaduct fairly regularly, I'd say the action is fair to good.  The Cats on anchovies and chicken liver, and the striper on large white jigs and tubes.  Kern River is actually showing decent sized small mouth bass not too far up from the mouth of the canyon, on dilly crawlers. Catfish are also biting pretty good at night in the Lower Kern between the Mouth and Lower Richbar.


  I see people fishing


I see people fishing Truxtun Lake all the time but haven't seen any one pull anything out of it.
What time of day is to pull some Bluegill out of it?

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Truxtun Lake

Like I mentioned in my original post, Truxtun Lake action is a little less than other places, but that is not to say there are no fish being caught.  Most of the bluegill I have caught there have been between 11:30 and 12:30 during my lunch hour and in the early evening between about 5:00 and sundown.  Good luck!