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Blue gill and bass are hitting at Riverwalk

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Blue Gill and Bass are hitting at Riverwalk at dusk on floaters

Thanks to Mike Estrada from Facebook

Write the California State Water Resources Control Board before OCTOBER 2009!


September 14, 2009

State Water Resources Control Board

Division of Water Rights

Attn: Kathryn M. Gaffney, P.E.

"Imagine! A river in our river bed!"

Dear Mr. Fierro,

Fly Fishing

Where in Bakersfield is a good place to "practise" casting, with the hope of catching something if lucky?

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Striper Derby Winner

Bob’s Bait Bucket's month-long striper derby concluded Monday with J.R. Apodaca, Bakersfield, winning the $100 price with a 4-8 from the aqueduct

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River Walk is filling back up.

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I fish River Walk park often, and the previous post about the low water levels was correct.  I am not sure of the details, but rumor had it that they had a broken pipeline and that while it was being repaired the water level was depleating.  It must have been repaired because the water is nearly back to full.  There was never really a decrease in the action, and I don't think either of the ponds were being fished out any worse than usual due to the low water levels.  Most of the regulars out there practice catch and release most of the time.  I must admit from time to time I take a nice 2lb

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im getting reports that river walk is half empty and is being fished out.

can any one confirm or post more news or images?