Trout Derby

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Man I wish it did get away at lest I would have a story but I dident and I have nothing I paid 20 bucks at bobs the day before the

truot derby at bv no bites very littal action trip busted nice striper action at aqaduct on liver though better luck next time though

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Buena Vista Trout Derby

The Derby was kind of a drag.  I did catch one 1.5 lb trout, and considering what was going on around me I was quite proud of it.  I think I may have seen a total of about ten fish caught, and only heard about a dozen or so more while I was walking around.  I think the winner was a 4.7 lb for the 14 and older group.  I am not sure about the younger groups.  It was still fun to have the chance to get a big trout, but I am sure many people were quite disappointed with the slow fishing.  Hopefully a better experience at the Lake Isabella Derby in March. 

See you there!!


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