Introduction to my fishing habits

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The fishing spot I go to most often is Mill Creek, the part of the creek either above or below the park.  I strike out just about every time.  Bako Californian aka "The Newspaper That Shall Remain Nameless" says that channel catfish bite is fair, and has been reporting that for several months, in addition to sprinkling of other species (smallmouths lately).  I have not found any of this to be true and have been going there four to five times a week since June.

Sidenote: I wish the fishing report for Bakersfield waters in the newspaper that shall remain nameless would specify WHERE the action is at a given body of water.  They give some general info about Lake Isabella, but it would be nice if they could do that for all the waters in Bako.

Intelligence gathered from the mostly transient denziens of the park indicate that much of the fish are caught in the creek where the main park is located, mostly at night.  I avoid fishing there because I go deaf as soon as a fishing rod is in my hands and the vagrant folks in the park seem to take it as an affront when I do not engage them in casual conversation.  I also would not go there after dark, as it is a gathering place for folks who are either on their way to or have been released from Central Processing Facility.

I have fished the creek between 23rd and 21st streets, as well as between 19th and 18th streets. I have also fished the creek south of 18th street, behind Mexicali, down toward the wheelhouse.

I fish one pole on bait, set against the railing.  It is usually baited with something the cats or carp will go after (dip bait or homemade doughbait; worms).  While that sits, I fish lures, trying for bass, since I have seen many smaller fish in the shallows throughout the summer and fall.  I fish spinnerbaits and swimbaits, from small dressed lures with an inline spinner to diving rapala-type baits.  I've not had any luck in months with either pole.

I have also fished plastics at Mill Creek.  Specifically, I have thrown Texas-rigged brushhawgs (green with red giltter) and black Gary Yamamoto worms in the 3 inch size, drop-shot rigged.

While I have not caught many fish, I have learned a great deal about different types of rigs, knots, and I now rarely lose lures by getting hooked up on rocks or other debris in the creek.  When I first started, I'd lose at least one a week.

Weekend fishing
I usually go to Hart Park, Lake Ming, or Riverwalk to fish on weekends.  I went to Riverwalk this last weekend (12/6/2014) and had no luck.  I fished for trout with garlic scented powerbait, as well as ordinary red salmon eggs.  While that pole sat, I fished a second pole with a variety of lures (see above).  I did not throw any brushhawgs or plastic worms.  Occasionally I make it to Lake Isabella, but my most recent trip there was a complete bust.

Rarely, I get to Brite Lake in Tehachapi where I have had the most success.  At the beginning of fall, I had an amazing day up there with small bass that were attacking my fishhead rooster tail spinners.  None of them were keepers, but they were aggressive fighters and I was using a small collapsible pole, so that added to the effect.  That was my last really good day of fishing in Kern County.

I did get up to Kernville for some river fishing, and I brought in two beautiful rainbow trout.  I released one, but the other one was hooked up pretty good and I did not want to release it with injuries.  It was cooked and eaten that very day.

Opening day at Buena Vista
November 18th 2014 was opening day for Trout Season on Lake Evans at Buena Vista.  My fishing buddy T-Man hooked a nice-sized catfish as soon as I walked up to join him.  We had a bite or two in the next few hours, but overall it was a slow and disappointing day, considering the lake had recently been stocked for the trout derby.  Scuttlebutt says the derby was slow as well.

Summary of outings
Hart Park
I have had some success at Hart Park, with biggest fish being a decent sized largemouth and a fair-sized carp on two different days.  I released both.  I have been there many times since and have not gotten so much as a bite.  There have been far more visits than catches.  I'd say overall it is slow fishing at Hart Park.

Lake Isabella
My best day at Isabella was during summer heat, with a keeper sized Crappie on homemade doughbait.  I also hooked a very large carp, but it threw the hook just as I was about to bring it out of the water.  I am not sure of the weight, but it was a hell of a fight.  I released the Crappie, it was too beautiful to keep.  It looked as if it were made from Sterling silver.

Overall, I'd say I've had fair luck at Isabella.

Lake Ming
I have no success in any of my outings to Lake Ming.

Brite Lake
My best ever day of fishing was when the crappie were spawning at Brite Lake, last spring.  I stopped counting after 60 fish (caught and released on barbless jigs).  I only kept two large ones, most were about the size of my open hand.  They were going after white or red crappie jigs.  Again, I was using a small collapsible rod, so it made for really awesome fishing.  Between the three of us that were fishing together, I am guessing we caught and released between 150 and 200 fish that day.  Sunburn be damned!  I also caught a keeper-sized bluegill.

Aqueduct behind Buena Vista
Been 3 or 4 times.  No luck on bait fishing, diving/sinking baits, or topwater lures.  I have heard this location is one of the worst to fish, though I have seen huge fish splashing about in the water.

Mill Creek
I fish this several times a week, and I rarely have had luck.  It's close to work so that's where I go.  If there were a closer spot, I'd go there instead.  I'm curious to know what else is in this area that does not require breaking the law to access.

Fishing techniques
As I have said in other posts, I am not a sit-and-wait fisherman.  I have a second rod validation, so I usually rig one pole with bait for cats, carp, or trout, and fish lures on my second pole.  I use mostly rooster tail lures, as that is what has brought in bass and trout, aside from crappie jigs when the crappie are biting.  I have also had largemouth bass go after crappie jigs.  I also use "swim baits", usually small minnow lures.  I caught the largemouth bass at Hart Park on such a lure.

My lure fishing tends to be topwater, though I imagine this is what leads to my long streak of no catches, since fish are less active in the cooler weather, and from what I read, they tend to be in deeper water when it's cooler out.  I have tried deeper water techniques such as drop-shot rigs and bottom-fished plastics or safety pin spinners.  I am not as comfortable with this type of fishing though, probably because I cannot see what is happening as well as it being a "rod twitching" style that is only one or two rungs up the ladder from sit-and-wait fishing.

Closing remarks
This is my first blog entry on my fishing "exploits" and I welcome constructive comments on my remarks.  I am always curious to know what I might be able to add to my repertoire to "turn on" the fish and have some better luck.  I know there are days we win and days we lose (and some days we don't even get tickets to the game) but I seem to have a lot of losing days.  I'm definitely interested in learning more.

Future blog entries will likely be more specific to a particular outing or experience.  I'd say they'll be shorter, but I enjoy writing, so maybe not.  I've been keeping a journal of my visits to Mill Creek, I may post those here.  It depends on what my agent says.

Thanks for reading!