"My Nephew Out-Fished Me" with this 7.5lb 28in Bass

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Lake Isabella, CA
United States

This Bass was caught by my nephew Julio. We did not take my Bass boat out this time at Lake Isabella because of no available launch docks due to the low water so we went shore fishing. Julio caught this lunker near the canal between Boulder Gulch and French Gulch.  I weighed and measured it at 7.5lb and 28in.  He caught it on mid-sized multi colored crank bait.  If the Bass looks smaller it’s because he is over six and I wouldn’t give him any undue credit since it’s bigger than anything I’ve pulled out thus far, and I’ve been fishing a lot longer.  Congrats Julio!


Looks like off the shore to.

"Whats Next?"

Great Catch

I've never heard the term "Out-Fished Me" before. I afraid I'll have to use that term a lot in the future as I am not that good in fishing as justbkuzz here. Great catch! Lake Isabella is a beautiful beautiful place. Reminds me of back home in Brazil.

Rafael Barros