Mill Creek Dec 2014

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As anyone that has read my posts might know, I often fish Mill Creek in downtown Bako.  Well, I haven't gotten to throw a line in for a week or so because there is very little water in the creek at the present time.  I would say in the park proper, there MIGHT be a foot of water in the deepest spots.  According to a county parks worker, "they" are "cleaning the rocks" and that is why all the water is gone.  I do not know who "they" are.  Cleaning the rocks seems like something one would do with an aquarium or pond, so that did not compute with me.  The rocks are actually a lot cleaner than most of the other features in most Kern County parks.  If you ask me (not that you did), seems like the labor and expense that it would take to empty out the creek and clean the rocks (wtf?) would be better spent elsewhere.  How about keeping the bums, junkies, and weirdos out of the park?

On a lighter note, I did see TWO live carp swimming in about 4 inches of water (in the Mill Creek Park area), so there ARE fish in that water.  I saw several larger carp floating (dead) up at the 21st street crossing.  I did not see any other fish.  The two carp were in the very bottom of the creek bed, just south of the bridge (see pictures below).

Obsessive compulsive fisherman that I am, I threw my line in to the deepest part of the creek, but I had no luck (no surprise).  What is surprising is there were three other anglers at the creek also, trying their luck.

Interestingly, the fishing report in the Newspaper That Shall Remain Nameless makes no mention of the drained creek, and repeats the same information it has printed since at least summer ("Fair bite on channel catfish blah blah blah").

Here are some pictures (special thanks to member T-man for the pics!)