jig vs minnow

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hey there its ya local crappie rangler at it again.i had went to bobs the oyher day an got 3dozen minnows an rushed out the lake,cuz when their biten you gotta go gotta go.apon gettn set upi noticed that the bite was real slow.Me being me taking my  time to get in the water iask afew other anglers how was the bite an they said that its was slim to none an they were useing minns.ias i got into the water i found out quick that i wasted my money at bobs on those 3dozen minns. as a fisherman u have to ajust to what the lbody of water is doing.off top i hit up my box a grabed one of my fav jigs with a crappie nib on it .An pow all hell broke lose.they wounldnt even touch it if i had a minn on a jigg.i took it to the limit that night all slabbs 2lbs an up.so with that being said be ready for anything.put ya time in on the water an it will pay off.thanks an have fun!!!bobber drop &co.