Hello Kern Anglers!

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I am a recent convert to the "sport" of fishing. I put quotes around "sport" because it is so much more than that to me.  As the host of River Monsters said during an Amazon fishing trip, fishing is an attempt to connect with the mystery of life on this amazing little planet we call Earth.  I found fishing (though I prefer the term "angling") late in life, and now realize how much I have missed out on during the times in my life that I did not fish.  I've been a lot of places and could have caught some beautiful fish in some amazing places.

I found this great site on a Google search, I am glad to see a local blog for Kern fisherman.  I am in the Bakersfield area and fish as often as I can, but often strike out in the local waters (Hart Park, Lake Ming, Buena Vista, Riverwalk, Mill Creek Park).

I go most often to Mill Creek Park, it is close to work and I stop by there when I can.  I've caught a small bass and two cats from the creek area, but avoid the main park due to the colorful clientele.  I go about 3 to 4 times a week but lately have had no luck (last 8 to 10 weeks).

My profile pic is of a bass I caught at Hart Park.  My best fishing days happened at Brite Lake in Tehachapi.  Crappie and some small bass were the fish of the day, with the rare bluegill.  I had a good day on trout there last year as well.

My main reason for coming to the site is to find some detailed information on local Bakersfield waters.  The fishing report in the Californian is my main source of info, but rarely do I find it accurate, and it is very general.  I'm hoping to hear from fellow forum members that can tell me tips and tricks for the bodies of water I named above.

Also-- on my bucket list is to have a great striper, largemouth, and/or catfish day at the aqueduct.  I have been several times (at the back of Buena Vista), but have not gotten so much as a hit.  I have never caught a "big" fish, and wonder what it will be like to hook a lunker that is fighting my attempt to bring it in.  On the bucket list also is some productive saltwater fishing, from pier, shore, or boat.  I have no experience saltwater fishing, so I'd love to hear from someone who knows how to bring 'em in.

I nearly always practice catch, picture, release, though I am in search of a couple keeper catfish for a dear friend of mine that absolutely loves to cook and eat catfish.

I would also love to learn how to fly fish.

So, I hope to connect with some fellow Anglers that can tell me what works, where, and can teach me the things I don't know and what I can do differently to become a skillful angler.

Tight lines, everyone!