8lb Trout (Caught 4/19/2010)

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8lb Trout (Caught 4/19/2010)

This 27inch 8.2lb Trout was caught at Buena Vista while trolling from a personal inflatable pontoon boat with electric motor.  I was using a very small crank bait with white red and green colors no larger than my pinky.  Was never expecting to catch something so large out there and the trout net I brought along was just a joke, this fish couldn’t even fit halfway into it. 

Next trip... much BIGGER NET

This was my first time out on the water at Lake Evans, Buena Vista.  My brother was along with same rig setup.  I also caught two Catfish over 3.5lbs each on plastic crawdads with scent added.


CRAZY!! What a great catch!

CRAZY!! What a great catch! Is float tubbing still alowed out there?

Holy Smokes!

Holy Smokes!

"Whats Next?"

hey bro nice catch, now catch

hey bro nice catch, now catch a bass as big as mine

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