Crappie and Cats in near Camp 9 Lake Isabella

Addicted to the bite's picture

I have been so impressed by the continued crappie bite at Lake Isabella that I have made a dozen trips up there over the last month. Limits most of the time and there are two to three of us on each trip.  Many 1 pound plus crappie. Jigs were the most productive, over minnows and other lures.  Catfish on night crawlers and Jumbo redworms.  Catfish have been very active, many smaller ones, but for every few small ones a nice 3-6 lber would show up.  I did some fishing at Buena Vista recently and caught probably 100 catfish. Out of the hundred or so maybe two were worth anything, and still barely a foot long, maybe a pound or so.    

Robert - Fish Junkie - Strung out on the rod.