Crappie have moved to the South Fork

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The crappie bite is still on and crackin' at lake isabella.  I guess because of the low lake levels lately the crappie are not where I usually find them, near Camp 9 in the trees and weeds and around French Gulch marina.  I was a little worried that the crappie were all gone, I knew that I had caught a bunch, but I didn't think I had single handedly wiped them out.  Well it turned out that my instincts were good.  There are plenty of crappie left, and I found them out in the south fork near Paradise Cove and Kissack Bay. I am usually on a boat or at least a float tube, so I am not sure how the shore fishing would be but I caught about 50 nice size keepers, probably 70% of them greater than a pound, last weekend.  By the way the fish seem to be getting fatter, even the smaller ones have a nice thick fillet on either side. So get out there and get them before they hide out again.

Happy fishing!!

Thanks for the update. What

Thanks for the update. What an exciting Crappie season we are having!

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