Kids Fishing Derby at Hart Park

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There was a kids fishing derby saturday the 6th ages 14 and under sponsord by NOR
Several Thousand pounds of trout were planted in mirror lake at  Hart Park,
giving the kids a great chance to pull in serveral trout.

After 11 the lake was open to the public. As of 11am Saturday there has been at least a hundred poles in the water.

Most of the fish have been pulled from the lake but there is still some in there.

Lots of people are still using Garlic Power Bait as it's hard to find on the store shelves right now.

From Noon untill about three I saw 7 fish pulled from the lake which is considerably slower than this morning and yesterday.
One decent maybe three pound bass was caught on a power worm on un ultrlight rig but before the fish was landed 
the line stagged. (I saw this my self)