NOR fishing derby

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NOR fishing derby

decent day at the NOR fishing derby with the boys!!!

they planted tons of good

they planted tons of good sized trout and the kids loved it. it was pretty packed and kinda crazy they way they made u stop fishing ever 20 to 30 mins or so but it was well worth it. i would suggest everyone take their kids next year or do what i did and borrow some, haha....just get out early and get ur spot marked cause it gets pretty cramped....but all in all they did a great job at setting this all up....thanks guys, i think u just made 2 new fishermen!

So was this a kids only Derby

So was this a kids only Derby or could the parents have a pole in the water also?
Also what was the idea behind pulling poles out of the water every 20 - 30 minutes?

I wish I had know about the derby sooner. I heard about it around noon that day and ended up taking my girl on Sunday Afternoon.
By then things were very slow. I think the the hot weather was a factor also

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It was a kids only derby,

It was a kids only derby, broken into age groups around the lake. After 11 it was free fishing for everyone but the bite had died down quit a bit. the deby had a 3 fish limit helped keep it fair for all the kids and each age group competed for big fish and total weight. im sure most of the fish had been pulled out by the next few days or so. As far as pulling the poles outta the water goes im have no idea. we had to pull them out and get back in a line before we were allowed to fish again, with all the people and hookups it didnt leave much fishing to be had. im hopeing someone can help me make sense of it. i would really suggest going next yr. they didnt promote it much cause i only heard of it once b4 we glad we went on the right day, lol