River Walk 2-27-2010

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Bakersfield River Walk Report 2-27-2010

Despite the very good reports River Walk fishing was not on today.
The trout were very close to the shore at times, Swirling almost at the shoreline.
Granted the weather was bad from time to time there were points were the sky's were blue and during those times out of the 10-15 Fisherman only one person caught a single trout and three very small bass.

There was speculation that the plant truck never came this week. Despite multiple sources saying there was a trout plant. A couple of the local River Walk fisherman said they had fished all week and didn't see any plant trucks.

I don't know if they planted or not but from the lack of activities it sure seemed as though they didn't

The three bass and one trout were caught on small minnows.
The fisherman said that he's seen several trout pulled from the lake recently with minnows floated near top water.
So he gave it a try with mininul results but he was the only one catching anything.

Every one else was trying Powerbait, Worms, Lures, fly's, Powerbait garlic dip and nothing NOTHING was working.