Trout Planting for the Week of 10-11-09

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Trout Planting has started.
This coming week there will be plants at these locations.

Hart Park Lake  
Lake Truxton 
Ming Lake  
The Park at River Walk lake



Trout planting at River Walk Lake

What section of the lake?

I believe it's spread between

I believe it's spread between both lakes.

But thats just a guess. There a fish on both sides though.

"Whats Next?"

Any word yet?

Do we know if and where they have already stocked? Iam more than ready.

I will be fishing tonight at Riverwalk and Maybe a little at Truxton. Report will follow this evening or in the morning.

Go fish, and have fun!

I haven't heard any news.

I haven't heard any news. Hopefully people will update us when they start ripping into the trout

"Whats Next?"