This was my first time fishing Truxton.

I started out with a jig with a blackskirt,and a red crawdad as a

trailer,then switched over to a Rooster Tail,and landed this guy.

Very Nice looking

Very Nice looking Bass!
Truxtun Lake continues to Surprise me

I'm going to have to stop in and check it out

"Whats Next?"

What color rooster tail?

What color rooster tail?

Catch-and-release? Or did you

Catch-and-release? Or did you actually eat that guy?

I tossed him back in.I don't

I tossed him back in.I don't usually keep them unless

I have to.

what color rooster tail?

what color rooster tail?

I used a white rooster

I used a white rooster tail,with a silver blade.