What The Heck!!!

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What The Heck!!!

Well once again I was in the east lake fishing for carp. When all of a sudden I thought I had the biggest fish in Riverwalk on my line. i was using 6 pound test line on a 6 foot uglystick. This guy took me 20 minutes to bring in and i cleaned up half of the weeds in the lake. My guess he is 22 to 24 inches long and about 18 to 20 pounds.

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I wonder if this was

I wonder if this was someone's pet that got to large.
Is there a big gouge in the shell?

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Yes there is. I caught this

Yes there is. I caught this last year and again in March of this year. I noticed that the dent in the shell was better and all but gone. I think you are right about this being someones pet. From what I have learned online this is a female American softshell turtle. The males dont grow as large. Thought I should share some of the pics I have taken of things caught in Riverwalk lake. Enjoy!